Plant Protection

There are three different types of intellectual property protection in the U.S. for plant-related inventions:

  • Plant Variety Protection - seeds, tubers, and asexually reproduced plants (issued by PVPO)
  • Plant Patents - asexually reproduced plants (issued by the USPTO)
  • Utility Patents - for genes, traits, methods, plant parts, or varieties (issued by the USPTO)

The Plant Variety Protection Office (“PVPO”) provides intellectual property protection of new varieties of sexually reproduced (i.e., seeds), tuber (potatoes) propagated, and asexually reproduced plant varieties that are new, distinct, uniform, and stable.

Our Team has developed an expertise in Plant Variety Protection (“PVP”) in the United States and Plant Breeders’ Rights around the world. Whether you are interested in a PVP application, a plant patent application, or a utility patent application, we would be happy to discuss your invention and options.