Developing a brand identity and image is essential for a successful business. Trademarks are valuable intellectual property (IP) assets that protect your brand. We handle Thousands of trademarks.

Everything that sets your business apart produces a brand image that consumers come to know. Your brand tells them what they can expect from your goods and services and sets you apart from competitors.

A trademark is any word, design, logo or any combination thereof used by a person to identify and distinguish its goods or services from competitors.

Trade dress is also an important aspect of trademark law which protects the visual appearance of a product or its packaging. Trade dress refers generally to the total image, design, and appearance of a product and may include features such as size, shape, color, color combinations, texture or graphics. The “look and feel” of a particular restaurant’s design or of a particular manufacturer’s packaging are common examples of protectable trade dress.

Over time, your trademarks come to stand not only for the goods you make or the services you provide, but also for your reputation and brand in the marketplace. A registered trademark also deters competitors from using your trademark or a confusingly similar variant.

Our Team of trademark law experts would be happy to assist you with any of the following matters:

  • Trademark Adoption/Selection Guidance
  • Trademark Screening
  • Trademark Clearance
  • Trademark Application Preparation, Filing and Prosecution (domestic and international)
  • Trademark Registration Maintenance
  • Trademark Enforcement
  • Trademark Licensing
  • Acquisition or Divestiture of Trademark Assets